Access the Internet securely
and privately

When VPN is turned on, the user's network data will be transmitted in a virtual dedicated encrypted channel. With SuperfastVPN protection, no one can monitor this channel or steal your network data.            When using public Wi-Fi, accessing personal and work accounts on the go, and wanting the privacy of web browsing history, FastVPN can give you peace of mind.

Enjoy fast and stable connection anytime, anywhere

Will network buffering affect our mood? It ’s simply unacceptable to wait while watching videos or downloading files? do not worry! Over 3000 SuperfastVPN servers in 27 countries,            Let the highest speed VPN experience. The more servers, the lower the load, and the wider the distribution of servers, the more chances for users to find servers that are close.

Protect all your equipment

You use Windows at work and macOS at home. We have SuperfastVPN applications for all major operating systems, and also support iOS and Android. The most important thing is that as long as a SuperfastVPN account, you can use multiple devices at the same time!


Choose a server optimized to meet your individual needs

Double VPN servers

Send your Internet traffic through two different VPN servers for double encryption. Recommended for users who are most concerned about security.

Dedicated IP servers

Order a dedicated IP address that can only be used by you and will not be shared with any other users.

Standard VPN server

Connect to any server in the world to make your internet speed smooth, hide your real IP address, and protect your network activities

Obfuscated servers

If you’re located in a country with heavy restrictions on Internet access, connect to one of our obfuscated servers.

Choose a plan that’s right for you

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